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Server rules

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Server rules

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Server Rules

General Rules And Regulations

01. Game content and game play may be changed by administrators without prior notice.

02. By creating an account and playing in our server, you agree you have read and understand the rules. Claiming ignorance is not an excuse for breaking any rules.

03. It is the players responsibility make note of any changes to the rules.

04. L2 RainbowStars and its administrators can not be held responsible for any damages caused as a result of playing on this server.

05. L2 RainbowStars reserves the right to terminate access to any player or subnet without warning.

06. L2 RainbowStars and its administrators take no responsibility for the loss of items, accounts, characters or their parameters for any reason.

07. Players must agree to follow the rules and respect any requests made by the administrators of L2 RainbowStars

08. Players take full responsibility of their accounts and any actions done within their accounts.

09. If you are witness to any violation of the rules by either a player or GM, you can send an prv on forum to admin master
Please provide proof of any rules being broken with either a screen shot or a movie.

10. Content including in game content, accounts, forum accounts, and all content on the server are exclusive property of L2 RainbowStars.

Interaction with the Staff of L2 RainbowSars

01. Disrespecting any Staff Member* in any way is strictly prohibited.

02. Threatening Staff Members in any way is strictly prohibited.

03. Attacking Staff Members in game without permission is prohibited.

04. Trying to initiate party, trade, friend, clan, ally or trade inquiry to Staff Members is prohibited.

05. Lying to Staff Members in any way is strictly prohibited.

06. Publicly posting dialogs with Staff Member is prohibited.

07. All hostile actions must cease when a Staff Member appears near you.

08. Use the petition system instead of private messaging any Staff Member.

External Programs and In Game Processes

01. Using 3rd party software to give the player an unfair advantage is strictly forbidden.

02. Using any patched or modified system folder, except the original one or the one provided by us, is strictly forbidden.

03. Unauthorized access to other players accounts is forbidden.

04. Threatening and insulting other players is strictly prohibited

05. It is forbidden to sell or exchange any in game content (items, characters, etc) for real money.

06. It is forbidden to advertise any other online games or other L2 private servers.

07. Usage of the ClanWar icon as a clan crest is prohibited, because this may cheat other players on the sieges.

08. It is forbidden to create situations when players cannot pass through gates or narrow paths in game.

09. It is forbidden to create situations when players cannot target the NPCs.

10. It is forbidden to start a private shop or private creation near a NPC (especially Gate Keepers).

11. It is forbidden to start a private shop or private creation in a place that blocks passage.

12. Player Killing (PK) low level characters with high level characters, especially in low level areas is forbidden. This rule includes Raid Bosses areas.

13. Dual boxing in TvT event is forbidden.

14. Spawnkilling is forbidden.

15. It is forbidden to trick someone else and steal their items and/or adena (also called scamming)

Server Errors And Bug Exploitation

01. Exploitation** of any bug*** in game is forbidden.

02. If you come across a new bug please inform a Staff Member through a private message, petition or email.

Player Names And In Game Chat

01. Spam messages in public places is not allowed. Messages about sales, purchasing, or exchanging (trading) are only allowed in trade chat. No more than one message every 60 seconds.

02. It is forbidden to use bad words (swear), in any form (abbreviated, symbols, full text), in any chat channel.

03. Use only english language in trade and hero chat.

04. Using hero chat in order to prompt any staff member to private messaging a player is prohibited.

05. Swearing and flaming is prohibited.

06. Insulting players and using obscene language is forbidden in game and in the forum.

07. Clan, alliance, character names or titles that are insulting for other players are inadmissible. In case of an inadmissible clan name the clan is deleted and the clan master's account is blocked.

08. Character names must not contain the following words: GM, Administrator, Admin or the names of the current and previous Staff Members.

09. Constantly begging at the market is forbidden.

10. Impersonating any part of the administration team is strictly prohibited.

11. Telling players "GM", "Edited", "Botter", "Exploiter" , you are directly disrespecting the administration accusing corruption without any proof. Follow the guidelines on reporting abusers instead of creating hostile accusations to the server.

12. Telling players "Donator", you are disrespecting people that support the server and let you play for free. If you don't agree with donated stuff in list, leave server right now.

Staff members means Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs) and they are:

01. [ADM]Cage
02. [GM]Onyka
03. [ADM]Selena
04. [GM]
05. [GM]
06. [GM]
07. [GM]

** Exploit - a bug that can be used to gain an advantage, such as blocked monsters, item duplication etc.
*** Bug - application error which might prevent some feature to function or make it function in a way it was not intended.

The penalties for the above list will vary from a simple hour chat ban to complete account and/or IP ban.

These rules apply anywhere, including in the game, on the forums in private messages and in e-mails sent to us.

We reserve the right to change these rules without prior notice so please check this section from time to time. Not knowing a rule is not an excuse.

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