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Server info's from a player

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Server info's from a player

Post  Reap on Mon May 10, 2010 12:45 pm

Hello dear friends! i know u are looking for a good server as i did such many times and maybe you want more infos before you decide to choose this server. As a simple player who started few days ago i can tell you my opinion about it, here ill tell u some hints:
enchant rate is 75% with normal amd 90% with blessed ( but dont think u will make items +30 too easy becouse that 10% fail rate will showup many times)
for armor and weapon u can enchant to +30 but jewels only to +25
well i can say that dagger classes are nerfed here only bluff lands mostly all times but u got such a low magic defence that any nuker can own u easily, safe for arcers,orc warriors class,
if u choose a nuker class ull get surprised on how much m.atack u can raise ofc when u make a weapon+30 with lvl 7 element on
tanks are great here and i think they are the best in pvp but on farm it's gonna be kinda long so u better make a nuker for farm or a sub on your main:)
actually the best farming zone it's the party zone but i suggest u to go there when u enchant your set to +6 safe and put element lvl 7 on your weapon, u can easily farm theese stones in farm zone 1 even with an a grade gear on u
so gl hope we'll meet in game try this server it's lagless and kinda pretty easy to play
best regards Reap

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