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News and Updates

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News and Updates

Post  Master on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:52 pm

News and updates here , fixes etc ...

SAFE ZONE : for newbies and protected with karma police

Goldbar 1 : some monster could drop goldbars

GB 2 : all monsters drop 3-5 GB

Special RB areas : Anakim /Lilith etc .... drops like : 5 blessed s grade scrolls armor/weapon
500 GB
mid /high/top grade stone lvl 76
B grade Blessed scrol armor

Auction system working
Castles Siege time will be 17.00 / 19 .00each saturday and sunday 2 weeks siege time CET ( Central European Time )Bucharest time That is GM +2
Full elemental enchants up to 450 elements points on armors/weapons
cleaned some zones to improve server speed.

More news soon ...

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