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About our server rates and features

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About our server rates and features

Post  Master on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:51 pm

As you saw we just started a new server that is called L2Rainbowstars, I hope that I will encounter only nice people that like to play in a safe and fair enviroment.Yes I will put some rules about us , for the begining we don't need Donations , helpers etc...
The Team hwo launched this server is like this :
1. [Adm]Cage :real name Marius , age 32 Romanian

As you see after those points we hope that our team will increase .
I hope you will like to play here and , accept that as my time will permit I will increase my time in server trying to fix all things .

Thank you , and remember to vote .
L2RainbowStars Team .

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